Everyone Sells Something!: Do You Sell A Product, Service, Mission, Or Yourself?

One of the most challenging aspects of the behavior of many human beings is, perhaps, why the words, sales, selling and marketing, are so often perceived as something either negative, or, at least, somewhat undesirable. In reality, each of us constantly sell something, whether it is a product, concept/ idea, plan, service, mission/ vision, or, perhaps most importantly, ourself. With that in mind, and with the objective of transforming perceived negativism to positive, forward moving, enhanced performance and behavior, it is important to begin with accepting this basic fact about selling, and to then understand how it, specifically relates to the sales of a product, service, mission or our self. Regardless of what area of our lives we want to further examine and enhance, it must be understood that everything begins with successfully showing others why they should further believe in you!

1. Product: This area is often best understood by people, because it is what we so often think of as selling. However, there is sometimes a personal conflict between over-selling something, and skewing the facts, etc., and merely thoroughly explaining the benefits, and how a customer or client might benefit from a particular item. Regardless of what you are trying to do, always remember that, in the long-term, there is never any true success until, and unless, you commit to maintaining your honor and absolute integrity, as opposed to taking a perceived short-cut, etc.

2. Service: Sometimes, those involved in service industries have personal trepidations and biases about saying they are selling. For example, few people really know how great a physician, dentist, etc., might be, but are heavily influenced by the so-called bedside manner of the doctor. In addition, in what I refer to as hybrid activities (combination of product and service, for example), such as real estate or financial sales/ service, these people often like to say they are involved in sales, rather than selling. What is the difference? In reality, generally very little, but in some people’s perceptions, selling is the evil twin of the two!

3. A mission: Those involved in a philanthropic, civic, political or similar activity, often shy away from saying that they sell. Therefore, the term, Director of Development, etc., is often preferred, because it conjures up to them, a higher degree of purity, service, etc. However, isn’t it really simply semantics?

4. Self: Regardless of what you do, it begins by selling yourself in some way. Why should anyone listen to you, adopt your ideas, philosophy, etc., unless you motivate them to do so, and then begins when you sell yourself? How well do you like yourself, and respect the principles you represent?

Instead of fearing or running away from this concept, you would be best served by embracing it, and improving your abilities, etc. We all sell, every day, or there is absolutely no possibility of being truly successful!